Rediscovering True Islam

Author: Rashid Shaz

In the heartbeats of history and the whispered prayers of the faithful, there lies a story of Islam that is as poignant as it is forgotten. Rediscovering True Islam invites you into this tender narrative, gently peeling back layers of time and human intervention to reveal a faith that once stood united, undivided by today’s doctrinal labels.

This journey takes readers to a simpler era, when the very air of Medina and Mecca resonated with a pure, unadulterated devotion, long before terms like Sunni, Shia, Hanafi, or Ja’fari ever echoed in its alleyways. As time wore on, the story unravels the slow, sometimes painful emergence of divisions, turning brethren into factions and shared prayers into distinct rituals.

Yet, even in this complex weave of beliefs, an underlying truth remains: every strand, whether mainstream or marginalized, has its roots in the same sacred soil. Rediscovering True Islam seeks to kindle in its readers a sense of wonder, a longing to look beyond long-held assumptions and see the faith with fresh, compassionate eyes.With warmth and empathy, this book reaches out, urging us to touch the very soul of Islam, to understand its essence, and to bridge divides that have existed for too long. Dive in, and find yourself transported to a time and place where the heart of Islam beats undisturbed, in unity and peace.


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