Liberating the Quran

Author: Rashid Shaz

A Painful Saga of How We Lost Touch with the Divine Revelation
Dive into the tumultuous journey of Liberating the Quran, where centuries-old interpretations and dense exegesis are torn away to reveal the raw, unfiltered voice of divine revelation. This isn’t just an academic critique; it’s a heartfelt reckoning, an emotional pilgrimage back to the Quran’s essence. With fierce, unapologetic prose, we confront the labyrinth of commentary that has imprisoned the sacred text, urging us to strip away the layers and rediscover its radical, transformative power.
This is not just a book-it’s a bold, impassioned plea to reconnect with the spiritual pulse that once electrified the Muslim Ummah. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and ultimately, liberated.


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