Inclusive Islam

Author: Rashid Shaz

Discovering Islam’s Common Threads

In a world where misunderstandings often eclipse the true essence of
faith, Inclusive Islam serves as a gentle reminder of the warmth, depth, and
universality inherent to Islam. This work speaks of a faith not confined to
deserts or ancient scriptures but one deeply intertwined with the shared
experiences and yearnings of humanity. Moving beyond the restrictive
portrayals of Islam in popular narratives, this book lovingly crafts an
intimate portrayal of Prophet Mohammed. It reveals a figure whose
message resonates not just in the heartbeats of Arabia but in the
collective consciousness of the world. By retracing the footprints of the
Abrahamic lineage, it weaves a tale of kindred spirits, from Abraham to
Mohammed, and their shared dreams of unity and divine love. At the heart
of Inclusive Islam is the profound wisdom of the Quran, which calls out like a familiar song, urging us to look beyond labels and divisions. The Quran’s
metaphor of “the colour of God” stands out, not as a theological
construct, but as a heartfelt embrace, celebrating the myriad hues of
human experience. With its blend of historical depth, gentle insights, and
the comforting embrace of shared humanity, Inclusive Islam welcomes
readers into the warm hearth of a faith that cherishes unity in diversity.


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