Dawat Namah (Dehli- 2006)

Author: Rashid Shaz

بین الاقوامی کونسل بارے اسلام

The world we live in has not come up overnight. The last fourteen centuries have witnessed a gradual shift of the world capital; from the Prophet’s Medina to Damascus, then to Baghdad, Istanbul, Amsterdam, London and eventually in our time it is the Washington DC that calls the shots. True, there are other seemingly powerful members of the Security Council that sometimes make some noises. The emergence of a Euro-land, the empowerment of the EU and the growth of Asian economies sometime give us the feeling that there are other equally powerful players on the horizon. Then, there is another equally important fact that the major resources of energy so vital to keep the modern world going lie in the world of Islam. And as fifty per cent of the energy resources lie in just five countries, any planning for a future world would simply be inconceivable without them. Yet despite all the given odds it remains a fact that it is the Washington DC that controls the world today. In the post 9/11world the American intervention, rather aggression, around the world and the bowing down of the world community to American dictates have further convinced us that any plan to change the world without proper recognition of the American might will simply be unrealistic.


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