Creating a Future Islamic Civilization

Author: Rashid Shaz

This book is intended to serve as a trumpet to the dead and a call for united action and not essentially to lay sole claim on Islam. Islam which means submission to one God is the religion of all the prophets from Abraham to Mohammed and many others before them. We Muslims do not claim monopoly on submission although we are aware of our very unique position as upholders of the Last Revelation. A true Islamic civilization is neither eastern nor western, neither Arab, nor Chinese or Indian but an authentic amalgam of all believing nations, comprising all colours and races, an international brotherhood or sisterhood of submitters. In Islam there is no male and no female, no black and no white, no easterner and no westerner but only the awakened and the spiritually dead. And it is the duty of the awakened souls to bring the dead to life.

This book then is no defense for Islam but an open invitation to all to devise an effective defense in the face of a crumbling capitalist civilization.


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