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Islam Negotiating the Future

"Rashid Shaz is one of those who have visualised the growing debilitating state of the Muslims but he is one of the few who have come up with the right approach to this problem. Islam Negotiating the Future; is a book that aims to correct our primary approach to Islam."

Syed Ali Naqvi in The Nation, Lahore

"Some of his ideas are radical. Shaz places unconventional proposals in the book. It is for the thinking readers now to decide what can be done with them."

Shams Afif Siddiqi in The Telegraph - Calcutta


Futureislam Project
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FutureIslam is a major civilizational project aimed at bringing the light of Revelation yet again to our troubled world. It places special emphasis to the text and the temporal and spatial realities woven to it rather than the interpretative and historical material that have become an impregnable fence around it. We at the FutureIslam believe that Revelation has to serve as a guiding light and it must make sense to the 21st century man. ‘If the four great scholars of the past can be given the right to formulate a code of living for us based on their specific understanding of the Revelation, can we deny the same honour to a fifth or a sixth capable individual simply for his late arrival in history?’, Rashid Shaz once quipped.

It is high time to question each and every bit of our heritage literature. There is nothing beyond criticism except the words of God and the proven Sunnah of the Prophet. There are no security zones for worn out dogmatic beliefs and no issues beyond the scope of rational investigation. Unless we put the entire historical Islam under intense scrutiny we cannot pin-pointedly say where we went wrong.’

‘Instead of relying solely on the wisdom of the dead souls or mindlessly quoting from this scholar or that seer, the time has come to apply our own minds, to look into the Qur’an for a fresh guidance in our time. Some might consider this idea abhorring or almost a blasphemy to approach the Qur’an afresh, without solely relying on the great minds of the past. But those aware of the Prophet's primary mission, so explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an, to liberate human mind from all kinds of colonial impulse - the asr wa aghlaal - be it intellectual or otherwise, will certainly appreciate this call.’

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